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My Medical Tourism Experience with Bridge Health International

Medical Travel: Puerto Rico

IBS Treatment Center: A Medical Travel Destination

For Long Flights, Compression Travel Socks Help Reduce Your Risk of DVT

Healthy Travel Media Launches Second Patients Beyond Borders Singapore Edition

Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews

Company Profile: Treatment Abroad  Dedicated to Quality Care and Patient Safety

18th Annual National Health Benefits Conference & Expo (HBCE)

Hot Spot Destinations

Latest News in Medical Travel

Hot Spot Destinations


Costs average 40-70% less than in the U.S.

Shorter, less expensive flights than to destinations throughout Asia

High percentage of U.S. trained physicians

Official currency is the U.S. dollar

Hospitals conveniently located beside the coast near hotels, casinos, fine dining, and shopping.

Visit for more information on medical procedures in Panama.


High standard medical care at low cost

Home to JCI-accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital, the top hospital destination

Various major and elective surgeries performed

Many hospitals use the same, or better, equipment as U.S. hospitals

For more information on medical travel to Thailand visit


Min-Sheng General Hospital

Valued partner in BridgeHealth International's World-Class Provider Network

Accredited by both Joint Commission International and by Taiwan Hospital Accreditation

Offers extensive services from cardiology to cosmetic, as well as IVF and orthopedic procedures

Due to its volcanic origins and temperate climate, Taiwan is sometimes called the "Hawaii of Asia."

More information on Min-Sheng General Hospital can be found through BridgeHealth International or at their corporate site.

Latest news in medical tourism:

Gorgeous Getaways offers cosmetic surgery packages to Kuala Lumpur
Jan. 14 -
Australian medical tourism agency Gorgeous Getaways is now offering cosmetic surgery packages to Imperial Medical Centre, the newest clinic in Kuala Lumpur. Imperial Medical Centre (IMC) is a one stop personalized cosmetic medical centre strategically located in Menara See Hoy Chan, in Kuala Lumpur city centre, that offers cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and laser treatments.

Doing the numbers on medical tourism - is it worth it?
Jan. 4 - San Francisco Chronicle
What with the glories of the new, new economy, it's easy to imagine consigning "health and fitness" to the ash heap of personal history. Remember when we could afford yoga and Pilates? Or when we didn't price-shop for vitamins?

Ten Ways to Trim Your Health Care Costs
Dec. 18 -
The one expenditure that a lot of people assume they have little or no control over is health care costs. Yet, a little common sense and a healthy dose of consumerism can reward savvy shoppers with significant savings without sacrificing care, says Devon Herrick, Ph.D., a Senior Fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Outpatient Hip resurfacing Surgery in India
Dec. 15 -
Hip resurfacing surgery in India can offer a speedy recovery from hip disorders as well as good cost savings to overseas patients who go to an orthopedic surgery hospital in Chennai or Mumbai.

Medical Tourism in India to be impacted for a short term period
Dec. 15 - Travel Biz Monitor
According to a PTI report, the country's growing Medical Tourism industry will be impacted for a short-term.

Outsourcing Healthcare to India
Dec. 15 - The Wall Street Journal
There's nothing like an economic crisis to spur companies to take uncommon steps -- such as incentivizing employees to travel halfway around the world to get medical treatment.

Traveling Abroad for Medical Care, Cost Effective
Dec. 14 - Chicago Tribune
With recent turmoil in other countries, consumers might be nervous about traveling abroad for medical treatment. But medical travel, sometimes called medical tourism, can be a huge money saver for quality surgical procedures. It can be a wise choice, especially in recessionary times.

Korea Unique Tourism Plan Unveiled
Dec. 12 - The Korea Times
Royal palaces will be more open to visitors and tour programs involving traditional and eastern religious cultures will be developed in a government effort to develop more "Korean-style" tourist programs.

Singapore Unveils Exciting Developments on Medicine and Healthcare
Dec. 11 -
Singapore, one of Asia's leading cities, is undoubtedly leading the charge in healthcare and medicine. Current new developments, including the unveiling of the country's first ever mediplex and a new alliance with a U.S. company to send employees to Singapore for medical treatments, have well-positioned Singapore as an industry innovator and a top destination for medical travel.

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My Medical Tourism Experience with Bridge Health International

If you would like to share your medical tourism experience with our readers, please contact the Editor at

I'm home and happy and already looking forward to the trip back to Costa Rica with my family in April. I wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciated your "presence" throughout this journey. I didn't have anyone to hold my hand, and everything went just fine, but it was comforting to know that there was someone privy to the finer details. I'm telling everyone about your organization and I sincerely thank-you for all of your follow-up. Have a wonderful holiday and I wish you the best in the New Year!

Libby D.                                                       

For information on Bridge Health International, visit

Medical Travel: Puerto Rico

Although there are a variety of international destinations for medical travelers, there is one region that potential medical travelers may have overlooked:  Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico - like many locations in the Caribbean - is known for offering procedures anywhere from 50 to 80 percent less than the United States. The capital, San Juan, is a bustling, sophisticated port city. English is spoken throughout the island and the people are quite friendly.

Not only is Puerto Rico a supplier of professional healthcare and wellness services, but it is also recognized as a relaxing and tropical vacation spot. Puerto Rico's proximity to the U.S. and its relationship with America offers patients the option of traveling to a tropical paradise while remaining "close to home." 
Puerto Rico (Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico), is the smallest island of Great Antilles in the Caribbean Sea located between the island of Hispaniola and the Virgin Islands.  The state of Puerto Rico is a freely associated state to the United States of America.

According to, all travelers to Puerto Rico should visit either their personal physician or a travel health clinic 4-8 weeks before departure.

Vaccinations Who should have them?

Hepatitis A

Recommended for all travelers

Hepatitis B

For travelers who will have intimate contact with local residents or potentially need blood transfusions or injections, especially if visiting for more than six months


For travelers at high risk for animal bites or involved in any activities that might bring them into direct contact with bats

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR)

Two doses recommended for all travelers born after 1956, if not previously given


Revaccination recommended every 10 years

For more information on medical travel to Puerto Rico, visit or

For more tourism information on Puerto Rico:
Embassies in Puerto Rico                                                             
Knowing where to find your embassy or consulate in Puerto Rico can be a great help for foreign travelers.

Getting Your Passport
Every country has its own rules concerning international travel. To ensure that you have everything you'll need, glance over this page.

Tourist Offices
More Articles About Puerto Rico

Sailing and Yachting in Puerto Rico
If you take advantage of sailing and yachting options, getting to Puerto Rico can be half the fun.

Finding Nightlife in Hotels on Puerto Rico
Culture Throughout Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Throughout History

IBS Treatment Center: A Medical Travel Destination

Seattle, WA

Medical travel is often thought to be exclusively for the ultra-wealthy, those with rare diseases, or those seeking cosmetic surgery. But one clinic in the United States has made an international reputation by treating a very common condition. Patients of all walks of life from across the United States and even countries with nationalized healthcare systems like Canada and the UK are making the journey to Seattle. Why? To finally get relief from a common condition that is simply not effectively treated by most physicians.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an embarrassing problem more likely to be the punch line to a joke than the subject of serious discussion. But for millions of Americans it is a significant problem that interferes with work, family life, and relationships. The standard of care for IBS is basically to rule out obvious and potentially fatal causes of digestive problems. Most physicians and medical organizations recommend limited testing and generic dietary changes. As a result, most people diagnosed with IBS continue to have symptoms.

The IBS Treatment Center in Seattle attracts patients by providing expert diagnosis of the many diverse and complex conditions that can cause IBS. Patients travel to Seattle to get a different kind of healthcare: healthcare dedicated to resolving their condition. Patients are able to complete an exam, initiate testing, and provide all the information needed in a single, in-person visit. The follow-up visits are conducted by phone or Skype. Because the IBS Treatment Center protocols identify the underlying cause of the patient's IBS symptoms, and provide a customized treatment plan, the vast majority of patients are able to resolve their condition.

In addition to addressing their health, many patients choose to make their visit to Seattle a mini-vacation. Despite a reputation for rain, Seattle has a relatively mild climate and a gorgeous and exceptionally dry summer season from mid-July to late September. Some patients bring family and take advantage of the plethora of recreational and cultural opportunities including visits to Mt. Rainier, the active volcano Mt. St. Helens, the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands, harbor tours on Puget Sound, concerts, plays, and Broadway-style shows.

The IBS Treatment Center is the first and only clinic in the nation to specialize solely in the treatment of this condition. The Center has special information on its website for people coming from out of town and makes a special effort help those patients with accommodations, etc. By providing a solution to a common, undertreated condition, the IBS Treatment Center has created a new type of medical tourism, and provides an option for patients not satisfied with the quality of care they find elsewhere.

About IBS:
IBS is defined by symptoms that include: abdominal pain or discomfort associated with either diarrhea, constipation, or both, and often with gas, or bloating. It affects up to twice as many women as men, and is second only to the common cold as a cause for worker absenteeism. Up to 20 percent of the population suffers from IBS, according to the National Institutes of Health. A collection of relevant peer-reviewed research on the causes of the symptoms that make up IBS is available at Innate Health Foundation Research Page.

About the IBS Treatment Center:
The IBS Treatment Center is a medical clinic in Seattle, Washington USA. It is proud to serve patients from across the North America, as well as those who have chosen to travel from as far away as Thailand and New Zealand. With a focus on IBS and related digestive disorders, the IBS Treatment Center achieves unmatched success in treating patient diagnosed with IBS. Information about the clinic is available online at

About Dr. Stephen Wangen:
Dr. Stephen Wangen is a state licensed and board certified physician. He received his doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from the internationally renowned Bastyr University. He specializes in digestive disorders and food allergies and has first-hand experience with IBS, having been diagnosed with it in 1994. He subsequently cured his digestive problems by correctly diagnosing and treating the physiological conditions causing his IBS symptoms. Due to a long history of success in treating common digestive disorders and the tremendous need for a clinic focused on the treatment of digestive disorders and irritable bowel syndrome, he founded the IBS Treatment Center in 2005, where he serves as the Chief Medical Officer. He wrote the groundbreaking book on treatment of IBS -The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution; and the - Healthier Without Wheat: A New Understanding of Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance (

Dr. Wangen serves on the Board of Trustees for the Gluten Intolerant Group of North America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and advocating for people with gluten intolerance. He is also the Research Director for the Innate Health Foundation , a public charity devoted to supporting the IBS and food allergy communities through education, research, and financial support.


  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects approximately 20% of the general population, with women 20-40 years old accounting for the majority of patients. (Astegiano et. al., 2008)
  • IBS is the leading cause of missed workdays in the US (second only to the common cold). (Cash, 2005)
  • IBS is one of the top 10 reasons people go to the doctor.
  • IBS results in more than $10 billion in direct costs (e.g. from office visits, medications) and $20 billion in indirect costs (e.g. through work absenteeism and reduced productivity) each year. (Foxx-Orenstein A., 2006)
  • Roughly 30% of all visits to a gastroenterologist (GI specialist) are IBS related. (The number one reason people see a gastroenterologist.)
  • IBS sufferers miss 3 times as many workdays as workers without digestive problems (13.4 days vs. 4.9 days) and are more likely to report that they are too sick to work (11.3 % vs. 4.2).
  • Nearly half of all people with IBS do not report it to their employer because it is not an accepted reason for being absent from work. (Cash, 2005)
  • Patients with IBS spent an average of $288 on over the counter and alternative therapies for their IBS symptoms during the 3 months preceding a recent survey of 657 patients. (Cash, 2005)
  • IBS patients are more likely than others to have their gall bladder removed unnecessarily and with no positive effect on their IBS. (Corazziari et. al., 2008)

(All references can be found at

For Long Flights, Compression Travel Socks Help Reduce Your Risk of DVT

For many travelers, especially those who travel abroad, in order to get to their destination they must endure a long ride on a cramped airplane. With this type of travel comes the risk of blood clots. DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) is a blood clot that forms in the deep vein system of the lower leg, and can form from sitting for extended periods of time. The condition is serious and potentially fatal. Contrary to popular belief, those with poor health and the elderly are not the only ones who need to worry. The reality is every long-distance traveler can suffer from DVT. It can strike anyone regardless of physical condition, age or gender.

To help minimize the risks for the millions of people traveling across the country and abroad, offers high-quality, medically-correct Microfiber Firm Support Travel Socks. Graduated compression travel socks work by applying maximum pressure at the ankle that systematically decreases up the sock length, and proper venous blood flow in the legs is maintained. This effectively prevents back-flow and stagnation of blood in the lower legs that can cause and lead to dangerous clotting and helps prevent leg swelling and discomfort. Travel socks, such as the ones manufactured by Ames Walker, are recognized to be effective by the World Health Organization in reducing the risk of DVT.

On a cramped plane it's hard to get up and walk around to increase blood circulation so it is necessary to help protect yourself as best you can when you don't have the option of moving around. Wearing a pair of travel socks is an easy and inexpensive way to help prevent DVT. Right now the socks are on sale for $10.79, 3/$29.00. They are available in various sizes and colors for men and women but can only be purchased at

Healthy Media Launches Second Patients Beyond Borders Singapore Edition

One of the world's safest countries now a world-class medical destination

Washington, DC - December 2008: Healthy Travel Media and SingaporeMedicine jointly announce the launch of Patients Beyond Borders: Singapore Second Edition at the Health Care Globalization Summit in Washington, DC.

Domestic, smaller.jpgThe 250-page guidebook features a fully updated, revised, in-depth overview of Singapore's hospitals and clinics serving international patients, and it now includes 16 pages of color inserts showcasing Singapore's world-class facilities and attractions.

A top medical travel destination, Singapore attracts more than 410,000 international patients annually and expects 1 million by 2012. Boasting 13 JCI-accredited healthcare facilities, its healthcare system was ranked the best in Asia and sixth best in the world by the World Health Organization.

"With its world-renowned cancer research and regenerative therapies, women's and pediatric specialty clinics, and specialty centers in cardiology, orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, and more, it's easy to see why Singapore is the preferred choice for many considering medical travel," says author Josef Woodman.

As the number of uninsured and underinsured Americans grows, travel abroad for treatment is rising dramatically, with international hospitals reporting 15-40% increases in American patients. More than 180,000 Americans will cross borders for healthcare this year, a number expected to nearly double by 2010.
"The combination of excellent healthcare infrastructure, availability of skilled professionals, and the latest technology has enabled Singapore to remain on the cutting edge of healthcare services delivery," says Dr. Jason Yap, Director of Healthcare Services for the Singapore Tourism Board. "This latest release of the world's best-selling medical travel guide gives patients even greater planning and travel information when selecting Singapore as their destination of choice."

About SingaporeMedicine

SingaporeMedicine is a government-industry partnership committed to strengthening Singapore's position as Asia's leading medical hub and an international destination for advanced patient care. Led by Singapore's Ministry of Health, SingaporeMedicine is supported by the Economic Development Board, International Enterprise Singapore, and Singapore Tourism Board.

Felicia Tan
Tel: +65.6831.3505

About Healthy Travel Media

Healthy Travel Media, based in Chapel Hill, NC, publishes books on medical and wellness travel. Patients Beyond Borders is available through booksellers everywhere and distributed by Publishers Group West (

For media queries:

Judy Orchard
Tel: +1.919.545.0668

Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews

The web is now the first place that people look to research hospitals and clinics online before they decide where to go. Choosing a doctor, operation, or hospital, is a big decision, and the more opinions a patient can gather, the more secure they feel with their ultimate choice.

More and more people are using online reviews to make decisions about the products and services that they buy. Consumers worldwide want to hear from "people like me" before they make a decision about which product or service to buy.  In the online travel world, TripAdvisor has become the first place that many people visit when they are planning a holiday or booking a hotel. So, why not offer the same kind of service for medical travellers?

Domestic, smaller.jpgNow, people who are considering travelling abroad for treatment can benefit from hearing about the experiences of other people who have become "medical tourists". Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews provides patients with the "word of mouth" information that can guide them in making the right decision in choosing a medical tourism service, hospital or clinic, and helps differentiate between the good and bad in terms of medical travel.

The new site provides patient ratings and reviews in several areas of treatment and services such as: Cosmetic surgery abroad, Surgery abroad, Dental treatment abroad, Infertility treatment abroad, and Medical tourism agencies

On Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews, patients can rate hospitals, clinics and agencies on aspects of their services such as outcome of treatment, quality of care, value for money, patient communication, and the hospital/clinic environment. They can also write a detailed review of their experience as a patient.

The internet is an irreplaceable resource when it comes to researching just about anything.  When one's health is in question, it becomes vital to investigate many options.   Another great source for someone looking for first hand reviews is This site offers reviews on: medical staff, accommodations, medical knowledge, cost, food, and patient satisfaction.  Patients can search by both procedures and facilities.  Their site also offers the option for reviewers to disclose if they would recommend the hospital to a friend; a question anyone considering treatment in a foreign country would want to know.

To find out the current top rated hospitals, clinics and agencies before you travel for treatment, visit Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews or

Company Profile: Treatment Abroad

For the underinsured and uninsured, medical travel has become a viable option as it offers high quality, cost-effective procedures. With various health options available, the idea of medical travel is overlooked.  However, medical tourism has done more than provide healthcare abroad, it assists in cutting costs on consumer healthcare.

A new administration waits to implement a seemingly cost-effective lifestyle for nearly all Americans in an effort to salvage the nation's economy.  In the meantime, patients can become proactive in providing themselves with quality healthcare with is an informational website providing background on medical tourism, information regarding the various procedures provided, available locations, and patient inquiries.

With so many options available to international patients, the UK-based Web site offers quotes to determine what medical procedure and location is most suitable for them based on their individual financial and medical history.

Along with the available procedures including cosmetic, dentistry, fertility, eye surgery, and orthopedic comes additional information on the site such as free quotes on obesity surgery, medical spa, digital imaging, stem cell, and addiction treatment.

With's free "Guide to Medical Tourism," patients essentially have the answers to their questions at their fingertips.  Written by Sarah Dawson and Keith Pollard, "Guide to Medical Tourism" gives potential travelers a list of guidelines, expectations and suggestions when travelling abroad.

For additional information, go to Dedicated to Quality Care and Patient Safety

Domestic, smaller.jpg

More than 500,000 Americans have chosen offshore healthcare as opposed to living with chronic pain or bankruptcy due to the increasing cost of medical procedures in the US. offers staggering cost differences without compromising quality. For the underinsured or uninsured, the savings for similar healthcare is substantial. offers immediate access to very high quality premium care. offers a wide variety of procedures including: cardiology (angioplasty and stenting), orthopedics (hip replacement, hip resurfacing, and joint replacement), neurology and neurosurgery, LASIK & Laser eye surgeries, cataract removal), dental, and gynecology and obstetrics (laproscopic hysterectomy, IVF-In Vitro Fertilization).  In addition, also offers extensive wellness and preventive programs for companions and a comprehensive aftercare patient program.

Domestic, prides itself on their ability to go above and beyond others with similar programs.  A few services offers that makes them stand out amongst the rest include:

  • Toll free number 1888 STAR 012  to instantly speak with esteemed doctors and medical professionals
  • Selection of high quality and world-class health care facilities 
  • An exclusive, password-protected folder for privacy
  • 24/7 assistance abroad
  • Around-the-clock private nursing care for patients
  • Spa and wellness packages available for patients and their companions
  • Most hospitals in their network are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)/ National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH)/ International Standards Organization (ISO)
  • Star is the first medical tourism company to offer a call center staffed by doctors and other medical professionals
18th Annual National Health Benefits Conference & Expo (HBCE)

"The Biggest Challenge Remains: Addressing the Most Intractable Cost Problem Facing American Employers"

Cutting-Edge Employer Case Studies with Advanced Health Cost Control Strategies
Feb 3-4 2009 -- Tampa Waterfront Convention Center
Low airfare and registration; great sessions and warm weather
Visit complete conference program:

Venice FL USA - Medical Industry E-Mail News Service(TM) - Jan 23 2009 - Health Benefits Conference & Expo announced details today of its Feb 3-4 2009 event, to be held at the Tampa Waterfront Convention Center.


"Health as a Core Business Value" -- Dr. David Anderson, Founder & Chief Health Officer, StayWell
"Obesity as #1 Employee Health Problem -- Dr. Nick's Transformation and the Lessons Learned"

Multiple, high- quality concurrent sessions are also being presented:

  • "Medical Tourism: Promise, Prospects and Performance to Date"
  • Toyota's On-Site Health Clinics' Experience: "Evaluating the Potential for Workplace Health Services"
  • Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) Corp.: "Using Data Integration to Successfully Manage Health and Productivity"
  • Burger King Corp: "Taking the CDHC Account to the Next Level: Have It Your Way"
  • Corning, Incorporated and the University of Rochester: "The Next Generation of Nutrition Wellness"
  • TECO Energy: "Using Health Care Strategy to Drive Major Change"
  • Broward County Schools: "Reinventing Workers' Comp"
  • Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI): "New Applications for the Third-Party Health Plan Audit"
  • Pinellas County Government: "How We Lowered our Retiree Costs and Reduced our GASB Liability"
  • "New Federal Laws for Health Plans" with Roberta Casper Watson, JD, "Best Lawyers in America (Employee Benefits Law) 1995-2008"
  • SAS, C-Change and CEO Roundtable on Cancer: "Making the Business Case for Cancer Prevention and Early Detection"
  • Gulf Power/Southern Company: "Create an Environment Supportive of Wellness with Positive Business Results"
  • U.S. Xpress, Inc.: "Create a Culture of Wellness within Your Company"
  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center: "Elements and Results of a Comprehensive Health Promotion Program"
  • BlueCross and BlueShield of Tennessee: "Impact of Targeted Corporate Stress Management on Wellness Program Effectiveness"
  • Manatee County Government: "Experience and Results of Total Health Management"
  • City of Clearwater: Measuring the Benefit of Web Based Benefits Administration"
  • LifeSouth Community Blood Centers: "Reversing the Workers' Comp Trend"
  • "Innovative Health Management Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement and Improve Workforce Health"
  • "Plumbers Insurance Fund: "Managing the Medicare Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS)"

Visit complete conference program:


Conference Hotel : Embassy Suites Hotel

The hotel is exclusively connected to the Tampa Convention Center. All rooms are suites and the Hotel offers complimentary made-to-order hot breakfast and Manager's Reception each day. After you have registered for the HBCE, call the Hotel directly: 813-769-8300 for the special Conference rate during snow bird season of $189 (single or double). When sold out, call the Conference at: 941-484-1430 for an alternative.

Airport : convenient to the Tampa International Airport (TPA), consistently rated the #1 airport in the U.S.

Continuing Education : SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) This program has been approved for 8.5 credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.
For others, a Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon request.

Best Value in Health Benefits Continuing Education (HBCE): Highest quality and moderate registration.
This event has grown larger every year with continued excellent reviews.

Registration: 1st Person 2nd 3rd 4th
Employer/Plan Sponsor $295 $275 $250 Free
Commercial ** $345 $325 $295 Free

**Consultant or supplier of health products or related services to employers.

Add $50 if registering onsite. Satisfaction assured or registration refunded.
Substitutions any time by calling: 941-484-1430

TO REGISTER: Click here for registration form.

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